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Peut être une image de une personne ou plus, personnes debout et plein airPapa Ladislas TAMFE MOGUEM from Bandjoun received this day recognition from FENDA in partnership with the YEMBA association of the USA, for his commitment for more than half a century for the enhancement and preservation of cultural heritage in general, and the Ndop in particular.
Peut être une image de 2 personnes, personnes debout et plein airThe medal, since it is about that, had been awarded to him at the closing evening of the first edition of FENDA, at the Zingana hotel on Saturday January 30, 2021. Not being present at this ceremony, we had to find time to go and give it to him, which Mrs. MIPO T. Edith Flaure, Promoter of FENDA did today.
Very great was the Patriarch’s joy to know that the work he has been carrying out since 1968 has not left observers indifferent. He wished to express his gratitude to the members of FENDA and to the YEMBA Community of the USA, and in general to the Cameroonian diaspora throughout the world.
It should be noted that this artist is the one who produced the first model of the Ndop motifs at the CICAM between 1982-1983, at the request of Fo FOTSO KAMGA from Bandjoun, then his godfather in the artistic world.
He congratulated the initiative and encouraged to hold on and move forward to ensure the succession.

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